Sees the potential in people and their ideas and knows how to connect them together in powerful ways


As an inventor, experienced founder and technologist with decades of experience, I have an ability to see how ideas can be brought together, refined or adapted to create exciting new products and services.

Dame Esther Rantzen and James Batchelor

I enjoy discovering what motivates people, what people are working on and what goals people have. This understanding helps me successfully connect people in my network to each other in ways that often bring about new friendships, knowledge and opportunities.

Because I actively seek out ways to meet new people, particularly those with different perspectives or skills to my own and from whom I can learn something new – I have relationships with many talented, interesting and successful people all over the world.

Kinds of people I’m connected to

  • Product designers / Engineers
  • Marketeers / Psychologists
  • Singers / Magicians / Performers
  • Writers / Authors / Editors
  • Artists / Musicians / Makers
  • Explorers / Adventurers
  • Investors / Bankers
  • Executives / Coaches / Mentors
  • Academics / Researchers
  • Journalists / Broadcasters
  • Politicians / Movers & Shakers
  • Founders / CEOs / Company Owners

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