Supporting other founders with mentoring and advice, often through friendly and informal meetings


A lifelong interest in technology and computing has given me a strong understanding of how networks and the Internet are built – supported by years of hands-on experience in my own ventures and my childhood play which was focused on computing from an early age.

Because I’ve created a wide range of ventures of my own, and understand both the demands of being a founder – the good, the bad and ugly – there’s a good chance that I’ve got some insight which might be useful to you and your project.

I am also an Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University and “Entrepreneur in Residence”, mentoring students in their business school with real world insight and experience.

What people say…


“One of only a handful of people that really understands the motions of growing a company from scratch – a true entrepreneur with invaluable advice!”
Sam Etherington, Founder of Aqua Power Technologies, Winner of The James Dyson Award


“James is a terrific mentor. He has energy, integrity, original ideas and enthusiasm.  I have been most grateful for his wisdom and thoughtful advice.”
Bryher Scudamore, AutoDotBiography


“James has been an invaluable mentor to me in growing my business. He got to the bottom of the issues I was facing and understood them totally, having been there himself. I found talking things through with James very empowering and only wish we were able to have a weekly session!”
Kate Dew,


“James helped me find new leads and contacts for my business – he’s a truly remarkable connector.”
Kim Kremer, Notting Hill Editions


“For many years, James has been not just a good friend but a good source of business acumen, smart advice, strong encouragement and useful contacts. He has always been generous with his time, his insights and his realistic business guidance based on his own extensive experience.”
Ian Rowland, The Mind Man


“James is a great ideas generator, and an expert at connecting people – he’s been a huge help in establishing my leadership development business”
Neil Jurd, Leadership Coach


“A test of character is how you react when things go badly wrong. Do you walk away, disown? I’ve been in a few difficult places and James has continued to support at personal cost and helped even when others have walked away. True loyalty is a rare character trait. James has it in spades.”
Peter Gregory, Holt Medical


“You may not have realised it but our chats and your stories have been inspirational to me over the years. Giving without expectation is a rare quality and I thank you for it… Thank you for being a sounding board for my business strategy and making me laugh with your stories.”
John Montgomery, The Whiteboard Animation Guy


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