Company Founder

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison

Alertacall Ltd (2004 to present)

Founder and CEO of Alertacall® a company that creates elegant technology for communicating with people at risk. In 2004 James Batchelor invented the “I am okay” button a system used by independent people to control daily contact whilst giving them freedom to get on with their day. This along with the company’s ContactSense™ technology has evolved in to a range of services for housing providers, local authorities and private individuals including OkEachDay®, Housing Proactive® and CareStamp®.

Sychometry Ltd (New)

Founder and Chief Executive of a company that will create, develop and market completely unique and compelling ways of recording life stories and other family history. Service launch expected 2017. Currently seeking “genius” software developers and designers to join the company with equity involvement.

CredECard Plc (2002-2005)

Co-Founder and Director of Tspeak a telephony, web hosting, email and domain name sales company which went on to develop an online payment system similar to the popular PayPal service and then rebranded as CredECard with the launch of a debit card offering. This company was subsequently bought by a larger company servicing the payment card sector.

JCJ Plc (2001-2003)

Co-Founder of the market leading medical recruitment company which was one of the first to properly leverage the Internet to communicate with clients and the only ever to offer free shares in the company to those who registered and accepted work. The company acquired a family owned locum agency which had been trading for 20 years with a turnover of £1m and sold it just 2 years later with a turnover of £12m. At the time of sale the company had grown to become one of the most successful locum agencies within the United Kingdom.

Totalise Plc (1999-2002)

Co-Founder and Director of award winning Internet Service Provider and AIM listed business incubator which at peak had 250,000 customers and operated several subsidiaries including the UK’s largest vehicle import company selling over 7,000 vehicles (Eurekar), an online florist voted “best in UK” by The Sunday Times (Flowers2send), a telephony provider (Tspeak) and a domain name registrar and dealer  (DomainNameSales and The company won Best Consumer Internet Service Provider in 2000 and the Internet access subsidiary sold for £2m+ in 2001 and is now owned by British Telecom.

N-ARY Ltd (1997-1998)

Director of one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in JDBC and Java Servlet development with customers including the United Nations. As a direct consequence of James Batchelor’s involvement the company went on to expand its TagServlet software which evolved in to the BlueDragon Application Server which now powers web based applications world-wide.

QDK and Daelnet (1995-1997)

Co-Founder of Yorkshire Dales based Internet Service Provider, community web site and web development company. One of the first “Internet” companies in the UK and creators of the “first community web site in a day” a project for the town of Trimdon which featured on BBC News and for which the team were thanked in person by Tony Blair the Prime Minister.

Side projects

James was founder shareholder of Airkix – the indoor skydiving company and owned a skydive training business.