Jeremy Middleton

James has built a great business. One that he and his team can be proud of. Disrupting the market, creating jobs and driving innovation. He has done it from scratch and every day pushes it to new heights. That’s a proper entrepreneur.

Jeremy Middleton CBE, Co-founder HomeServe Plc

James Brown

James has the uncanny ability to see others potential and show them in practical terms how best to level up! His ability to cut through the BS and find the nuggets of gold is unparalleled. If you are growing your business or developing as an individual he should be the first person you contact.

James Brown, Award-Winning Magician & Author

Jordan Wylie

James has an infectious positive energy combined with an extensive network of leaders and entrepreneurs. His adventurous spirit and approach to risk-taking has made him a pioneer, mentor and fabulous story-teller.

Jordan Wylie, Extreme Adventurer, Author & TV Personality

John Sutherland

Meeting James is like getting a shot of neat adrenaline!

John Sutherland, Author, Newspaper Columnist and Emeritus Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature at UCL

Ted Nelson

“James is clever, intense and has many interests. It seems to me that when he imagines a project it is already half done!”

Ted Nelson, Inventor of Hypertext, Pioneer of Information Technology

Sam Etherington

“One of only a handful of people who really understands the motions of growing a company from scratch – a true entrepreneur!”

Sam Etherington, Winner of The James Dyson Award, Founder of Aqua Power Technologies

Tim Farron

“James has an immense gift for helping others to turn vague ideas into practical, successful realities, and in the process building the confidence and effectiveness of the people he works with.”

Tim Farron, MP, former Liberal Democrat Leader

Alex Staniforth

“James is an inspirational entrepreneur with a genuine passion for people, sharing ideas and empowering others. Anyone who James doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!”

Alex Staniforth, Endurance Athlete, Author and Charity Founder

Martin Rayner

James inspires me for so many reasons. He is a successful tech entrepreneur, has a strong social conscience, cares about the people he works with and is highly creative. I come away from every discussion with new ways to live well and give back.

Martin Rayner of Lakeland Kitchenware – Award Winning Global Retailer

Neil Jurd

James is a great ideas generator, and a real expert at connecting people – he’s been a huge help in establishing my leadership development business. Thank you James.

Neil Jurd OBE, Award Winning Leadership Coach & Author